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Hundreds of talented musicians from all over Victoria submitted their songs. It was a tough job, but twelve artists have been chosen as finalists. Now it’s your turn. Listen to the tracks below. Choose your favourite. Cast your vote. And have your say in who will win this year’s Melbourne Music Bank.

Anna Cordell / Ivanhoe
I'll Wait Here (3:51)

Anna Cordell / Ivanhoe

Anna’s song, 'I’ll Wait Here', is about unrequited love and the idea that we all have a 'better self' that is quietly sitting in the background, waiting for us to be ready.

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DL  / Narre Warren
Until Today (3:33)

DL / Narre Warren

DL teamed up with Jason Heerah on this track, 'Until Today', a song he wrote back in 2008 about having big dreams and a vision to make them happen.

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Sarah May  / Mansfield
Trapped (3:06)

Sarah May / Mansfield

‘Trapped’ won Sarah the title of Best Upcoming female Artist in the Snow Wave festival, a program where Melbourne songwriters mentor young musicians from regional Victoria.

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Jade Alice  / Viewbank
Kick Drum (4:47)

Jade Alice / Viewbank

The idea for this song’s melody actually came to Jade in a dream. 'Kick Drum’ is about the feeling of effervescence and uncontrollable happiness.

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Feelds  / Alphington
Unstable Boy (3:45)

Feelds / Alphington

'Unstable Boy' is about realising a bigger picture. Inspiration stemmed from the dire wolf character in TV series 'Game of Thrones'.

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Kudzai  / Narre Warren
You Got It (3:03)

Kudzai / Narre Warren

'You Got It' is a song about striving for love and a deep connection; knowing what you want and going after it. It’s a song that Kudzai claims pretty much wrote itself.

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Milo  / Breamlea
Birrarung (3:46)

Milo / Breamlea

This amazing 11 year old was inspired to write the song 'Birrarung' after talking to her Mum about what it was like before white settlement.

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Arctic Maps  / Preston
Let Me In (4:13)

Arctic Maps / Preston

Equal parts emotive and catchy, Arctic Maps is an electronic pop duo from Melbourne, Australia.

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Napier  / Essendon
Shake! Shake! Shake! (3:04)

Napier / Essendon

Inspired by vintage rhythms and the groove of the 60s, Shake! Shake! Shake! puts the "roll" back in rock and roll.

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Sam O'Connell  / Mount Martha
I'm Not Okay (6:38)

Sam O'Connell / Mount Martha

'I'm not okay' was the very first song ever written by Sam, and is about young love and ultimately heartbreak. It is an honest and raw song written after a rough break-up.

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Playwrite  /  Northcote
Animals Housed (4:11)

Playwrite / Northcote

The song is about the over domestication of humans. Over thinking, over diagnosing, always trying to improve ourselves and hiding our failures and demons to reach some pinnacle of our own potential.

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Imogen Brough  / Geelong
Kind Eyes (3:57)

Imogen Brough / Geelong

'Kind Eyes' is a love song about those special first few moments in a new relationship, where two people start to realize they are falling in love with each other.

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Meet This Year's Judges

Every year we assemble a team of the industry’s sharpest musical minds to decide which new artist gets crowned winner in 2015. Take a look at their credentials.

Jac Phillips Jac Phillips
Head of Brand and Marketing,
Bank of Melbourne

Jac is a marketing and communications expert with a wealth of experience in leadership, strategic marketing, public relations, branding, advertising and communications. She is also a member of various not-for-profit boards and has a great eye for talent.

Ella Hooper Ella Hooper
Singer / Songwriter, Melbourne
Music Bank Ambassador

Ella is a singer songwriter and radio and TV presenter who has been active in the Melbourne music scene for over 15 years. She is currently releasing her dark spiky pop music independently to great acclaim and has won numerous awards and accolades for her work with a microphone in the past. Mentoring and nurturing young talent is another passion of Ella's.

Maddy Macfarlane Maddy Macfarlane
PBS, Australian Music Show host

Maddy Mac has been representing Australian music on PBS since 2006, on both Homebrew and during her time on The Breakfast Spread. Over the years, she has hosted local band competitions and awards, has MC’ed and DJ’ed many community events and festivals, and has been a judge for the Australian Music Prize.

Damo Costin Damo Costin
Director / Founder,
123 Agency

Starting out in the seminal Australian rock band Motor Ace, Damian performed with bands such as Foo Fighters, Oasis and Blink 182. After 8 years, 3 x albums including a No. 1 and No. 3 ARIA records, he started working with Mushroom Group of companies before leaving in 2012 to start 123 Agency, which now represents some of Australia's most exciting acts.

Frank Varasso Frank Varasso
Director, Varasso PR
Radio Plugger

With over 18 years of experience in the music industry, Frank has worked with international and local artists including P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Oasis, Madonna, Blur, Beyonce, Kate Miller-Heidke, Pete Murray and Delta Goodrem, to name but a few! Frank is the Director of Varrasso PR - an integrated media promotions and publicity company that offers plugging and promotional services.

Chris Robinson Chris Robinson
Artist Manager

Chris Robinson is a veteran in the music ‘biz. Starting off in the finance sector, his passion for music led to Chris founding his own independent music label,Wah Wah Music. His career within the entertainment industry includes organising tours for many artists, negotiating events, as well as marketing and signing Australian artists internationally.

Cara Williams Cara Williams
Music Editor, Beat Magazine

Cara has been involved in the music industry since 2005, working as the editor of Fairfax Media’s Loop music and arts supplement, editor-in-chief for independent music and arts publications Synk, industry editor for the AU Review, and has managed the marketing and publicity for an assortment of organisations across the music and arts sectors.

Having Fun

Last Year's Winner

Heloise Heloise
2014 Melbourne Music
Bank Winner

"Being involved in the Melbourne Music Bank 2014 was an extremely valuable experience for me as an artist. I received some incredible prizes and tools that have made networking, promoting and growing my fan base much easier" - Heloise

Nyuon Nyuon

“Melbourne Music Bank pretty much silenced all the doubt I had in my mind and gave me that little push to follow my musical dreams. Right now I've just finished mastering my EP titled "Bymyself" and I'm shooting a new video with director George Kelpa, who I met thanks to MMB.”

Who will be this year's winner?

Don’t miss the final 4 finalists as they perform live at Melbourne’s State Theatre on 8 October 2015. See Victoria’s best emerging artists give everything they’ve got for the judges, as well as guest performances from Ella Hooper and Heloise. Stay tuned for announcements, including free tickets so you can come down and cheer in person.


  • 2 days of recording at Sing Sing Studio
  • Film clip by Oh Yeah Wow
  • Album artwork & CDs
  • Publicist, radio plugger, manager,
    booking agent & mentor.
  • Song featured in a
    Bank of Melbourne ad

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